GDPR compliance as a service

Sirza is the first SaaS solution that guarantees full customer-facing compliance for your website - allowing your visitors to control their own data, while reinforcing trust in your company and services.

Sirza makes GDPR compliance easy, using blockchain technology for transparency and control.

One Service for controller compliance.

Sirza covers the customer-facing parts of the GDPR.

Explicit Consent

Replacing your cookie consent, the project makes sure that your visitors can explicitly give their okay to you - the "controller" - for your data collection and even profiling efforts.

Right to Access

Sirza makes sure that your customers can access their data in all "processors", including your own custom system and your plugin services like Mixpanel, Intercom and others.

To ensure data portability, the data is offered in machine-readable format.

Right to be forgotten

For each of your "processors" a customer can decide to delete his or hers personal data with a single click.


Fair pricing depending on your needs.

Monthly plans depend on page impressions and the number of processor services.
And yes, there will be a free tier!

A single line of script that binds all services.

How does Sirza work?

One script

All the services that collect data in your website ("processors") are connected to Sirza, using javascript. These include third-party services, but also your own systems.

When a new user is created in any of those services, they pass on the user identification to Sirza.

Consent management

The Sirza service maintains a centralized identity for your customer, connecting all separate identities that are used across the processor services - but without any of the associated personal data.

Using service connectors, it handles all supported requests of your customer relating to GDPR.

Proof of compliance

An essential part of a system dealing with data control is the ability to objectively validate if individual requests have been successfully processed.

With blockchain technology, the service allows consumers to objectively validate whether the supported systems have completed their requests, like the execution of the "right to be forgotten".

Solve the problem of the many processors

As a controller website, you need to make sure all your processor services are involved. That is not easy. Luckily, we are here to help.

Sirza integrates with

Screens included

Sirza comes with user interfaces for all the components that you need.

Key Features
  • Profiling and data collection consent bar.
  • Data processors overview page.
  • Built-in in buttons for all personal data requests.
  • GDPR explanation documentation

Blockchain technology for full transparency

Other services lack proof of their inner workings. Within Sirza, blockchain is used allow you and your customers to explicitly and undeniably verify and prove if their requests have been applied.

How does that work?
  • A public blockchain ledger is used to transparently store all Sirza transactions, excluding the associated data.
  • Customers are supplied with a private key, so they can access the public Blockchain ledger on any objective, third-party access point to validate their transaction and retrieve proof of what happened exactly.
  • Blockchain data could be used as objective evidence to counter or validate a potential GDPR infringement claim.

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